APM Alison Page Brief Encounter wigth Tring Living

A Brief Encounter with Tring Together

Tring Together asked me if I would like to feature as the ‘Brief Encounter’ in their May business newsletter and I was delighted to accept!

Every month Tring Together do a short Q&A with one of their BusinessMart members. For those not in the know, BusinessMart is a popular networking event where you can meet other like-minded business people in the area. It can be a great way to gain referrals and business, find opportunities to work together as well as learn from each other and the regular speakers they engage for these super events. If you’re interested in becoming a member you can find out more on their website or by emailing info@tringtogether.org.uk. You can usually find details of upcoming event in Living Magazines’ What’s On lisings.

You can read my interview below.

Brief Encounter

Name: Alison Page

Company: Business Owner of APM marketing consultancy and Tring Living and Berkhamsted Living Magazines

What’s Your Typical Day?

My day starts when my dog’s tummy is grumbling for breakfast! After checking my emails, I might be heading off to a client meeting – I’ll have prepared the day before. After the meeting, its back to the office for a quick lunch before walking Millie. Then its back to the desk to crack on – there’ll be yet more emails to answer, the notes of the meeting to type up and my scheduling tool will dictate numerous other tasks for the day. I might also catch up on the phone with one of my freelancers, perhaps on design, a blog, or maybe editorial for the magazines.

What do you love about BusinessMart?

For me, the Tring Together BusinessMart is the best networking meeting around! Its local – I do like walking to a meeting rather than having to take the car the whole time – its warm and welcoming, with a good mix of people from a variety of backgrounds and businesses. I use it not only to gain more business but to help build the network of support people around me. Where I can, I like to use local people. All of this helps me to feel better connected to where I live.

What Inspires You?

People who do awesome things really inspire me, whether its designing a new gadget, sailing around the world single handedly or doing good things for other people, animals or the planet.

What is your philosophy towards work?

APM is 10 years old in June and my philosphy towards work is simple: work hard and hopefully reap the rewards! No-one owes me a living and I relish the fact that I’m totally responsible and accountable for my own actions and success.

What makes you happy?

My dog, friends, gardening, going to the cinema, sunshine, blue skies, holidays, my work, the magazines – loads of things make me happy!

If I gave you £50,000 to start up a business what business would you start?

If someone gave me £50,000 to start up a business, it would be an animal sanctuary of some description!

Help My Skydive for the Hospice!

APM Sky Dive for Hospice of St FrancisI said I’m inspired by people doing awesome things or doing good things for other people so I’m trying to be true to my word!

On Sunday 7 July I’ll be jumping out of a plane to raise funds for the Hospice of St Francis and help them celebrate their 40th anniversary while I celebrate the 10th anniversary of APM.

Can you spare a few pence to sponsor me?

Please visit my JustGiving page and help me reach, or even smash, my target! It’s a really worthy cause that I’m proud to be supporting. Thank you so much in advance!