Meeting Royalty

A slightly different style of blog this month. I was both honoured and delighted when one of my clients, Remus Horse Sanctuary, asked me to be involved in their VIP Invitation Day on Wednesday 14 October, to be attended by Her Royal Highness The Countess of Wessex and 70 or so local dignitaries. The Countess is one of five Patrons of the charity.

My involvement included handling little Dante upon arrival, a foal who was dumped at Remus’ gates back in February and barely recognisable from the little scrap he was back then! Dante didn’t want to stand on ceremony but get out into the fresh air to frolic with his friends, so I daren’t open the stable door to The Countess, in case he bolted; attend lunch – just six of us in the VIP area separate to the main marquee – so a little nerve-wracking. Although, I have to say, I found The Countess to be incredibly pleasant, very personable, clearly knowledgeable about horse welfare and genuinely interested in the Sanctuary and how she could help.

And finally, it was my turn to speak… just one of three I might add, alongside Dena Schwartz, a Zoopharmacognosist and Mark Murrell, of Murrell Equine Limited. Since my EFT (emotional freedom technique) sessions with Sejual Shah back in 2010 I’ve never looked back in terms of public speaking and, for the most part, really enjoy it. However, on this date, although my voice remained strong and clear throughout my presentation, I must admit that my knees were knocking severely! Alongside me, The Countess stood calm and composed, and her response relevant, passionate and without notes!

My presentation (I did use notes!) incorporated the important works of the Sanctuary that reach far beyond the animals, such as their work in the local community and contribution to the economy – both in terms of providing jobs, but also relations with local suppliers who rely on Remus to keep their own businesses going.

If you would like to read the formal press release of the visit, click here. And, to find out more about Remus Horse Sanctuary, take a look at their new responsive website here, designed by Skylight Creative, developed by LT Consulting Ltd and fully project managed by APM.

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