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Are you Mobile Compatible?

Ok, so strictly speaking, its not a question of whether you are mobile compatible but, more importantly, your website!

As technology and gadgetry improves and increases, so does our demand for instant gratification!  Potential customers could view your website via their smartphone (or iPad or similar) any time of the day or night.  In which case, unless its a ‘responsive’ design it won’t present itself particularly well and certainly not in a user friendly fashion!

What does your website look like when viewed from a smartphone?  Have you even looked?  Does it deliver on the main requirements such as special offers, key products and services and provide easy navigation to those areas, to your location map and a telephone number?  Furthermore, do you still offer old ‘flash’ video on your website that is incompatible with iPads?

Adapt your perspective and view as if from your customers’ eyes.  Here’s a really clever image that simply identifies the difference between a website which is not compatible with a smartphone versus one which is!

Mobile compatible website image

If you have any queries with these or need further information, don’t hesitate to get in touch!