Print Media

Print is dead, long live print

As digital content and advertising increases, is there still a place for print media in today’s age? And, if so, what part does it have to play?

While it is true that many magazine and newspaper sales have declined, it’s certainly not all over for the world of specialist print media, despite the dire predictions that have been made since the dawn of the internet.

Indeed, it appears as if the tide may be turning against digital media (the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica data scandal is just one example), and there is even neuroscience research that has shown that paper advertising is more effective than digital, resulting in better brand recall.

However, while it is true that sales of magazine and newspapers have declined, there is a distinct advantage that specialist print media retains – the ability to match your target audience with its readers.

In the luxury market, too, there is something about the tangible feel of a glossy magazine that can never be conveyed via a digital medium.

However, as the world moves on, it appears that a multi-platform approach is the most truly effective way to advertise. So you should mix it up with a campaign that features both digital ads, which may appear for only a few seconds, and the print version, which will benefit from staying power – advertise in the sort of magazine that offers useful information that a buyer/reader will hold on to (such as calendars, directories and buying guides) and your advert stays around too. Additionally, placing an advert within a relevant feature where the dwell time is naturally greater, is also highly recommended.

And while many consumers are starting to become almost blind to digital advertising – thanks to annoying pop-ups and irrelevant adverts appearing on their social media and smartphones – this gives your print presence yet more credibility. They can also help you maintain an omnichannel presence – with QR codes and augmented reality being the next steps. If your target audience are magazine readers, print ads are still good value for money – include them in the mix and use them to complement and entice your audience towards your digital campaigns for 360-degree coverage.

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