Branding & Design

A brand is often perceived to be no more than a name and a logo. But should also signify the beliefs, values and personality of the organisation. Take Volvo for example and your first thoughts are likely to be ‘well built, comfortable, Swedish’ and, most of all, ‘safe’, the badge on the front of the vehicle is actually secondary.

We offer branding and design work for our clients encompassing stationery, brochures, leaflets, postcards, posters, direct mail, websites, e-newsletters and advertising. Please see the images below for examples of our work.

Catalyst Land Solutions Ltd

I am pleased to recommend the work that Alison Page undertook on behalf of my company Catalyst Land Solutions Ltd. She provided a professional approach and posed proactive questions from the initial consultation in order to ensure the rebranding of my business and development of website including copyrighting was completed within agreed budgets and timescales. It was particularly beneficial that she could consider my proposals from the point of view of a consumer and my target market, rather than solely a professional involved within the property industry on a daily basis.