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Social Media – What if it all goes wrong?

I thought this might be a useful follow-on post to the previous with regards to losing control.  This blog covers a different type of control!

Social Media is so named because the networks (ie, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc) promote social interaction. If you’re using any of them for business purposes, you will find them most useful when you engage and interact with your audience. This is very much a process and not a means for direct sales.

For Maximum Effect

Furthermore to allow maximum effectiveness, your account/profile should be as ‘open’ as possible. For example, don’t place the security lock on Twitter and allow your ‘likers’ on Facebook to post on your page wall (now called timeline). I do appreciate this may feel like a leap of faith!

Negative Comments

If someone takes issue with your products or services, they may take great pleasure in telling the world and his wife via Facebook, Twitter and any and every other online media they can get hold of. Not just to their friends and family but also to all of your contacts on whatever platform that you’re using.

Don’t Panic!

Let’s face it people will be talking about you, your company, products and services regardless of whether you are using social media or not. I always think its far better to be aware of what people are saying and to manage any negative comments appropriately, in a polite, non-confrontational manner.

But what about if someone is just choosing to be vitriolic, just because they can?

Well first off don’t hesitate to block them (via Facebook) and report as spam (via Twitter) or tighten up your settings. Facebook’s privacy settings are really very extensive now.

If All Else Fails

Many companies now offer online reputation management services and I can recommend two:

I do hope this helps, whether you’ve already experienced problems or do so in the future.  And if you would like to learn more or do need assistance, please don’t hesitate to give me a call.

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