Reachoutplus charity

How Supporting a Charity can gain Local Support for your Business

Businesses that support a charity find they gain huge benefits. Finding this support is vitally important and charities, such as ReachOut Plus, want to grow and develop their support from businesses in the Hertfordshire area.

So what are the benefits?

First and foremost it’s the opportunity to give something back into your local community. We feel community life as we used to know it is dwindling and businesses whatever their size can really make a big difference to charities by getting involved.

A business is part of the community and being part of a community is vital for any business. We live in a world which seems so materialistic at times and now with so many small shops and business closing all the time it feels as if the community spirit has begun to close down too. It can be difficult to sustain a business, but being involved with a charity is one way to ensure that your business thrives in your community as you are helping and actually doing something to build a community!

Being involved provides you with additional marketing opportunities. For example, if you take part in an event such as a race, abseil, skydive or organise a quiz, race night or party this will provide you with additional marketing and PR opportunities. Or you could consider donating your goods or services to as a raffle prize. Having your business name included is good promotion and you can be sure you are helping someone in the process.

Through supporting a local charity you will know the needs of the community and be able to find ways to meet them. It’s hard to buy that kind of market research anywhere, but almost impossible for many businesses. Customers are more likely to support businesses they feel are engaged and understand the needs of others.

By supporting ReachOut Plus you have the opportunity to support disabled and disadvantaged people in the Hertfordshire area…

At ReachOut we help over 4000 disabled and disadvantaged children and adults and the need for our support and opportunities grows by the day. We do this in a number of fantastic ways; firstly we run a small fleet of canal boats on the Grand Union Canal providing life changing trips and holidays in a safe and supportive environment. Our residential centre in Chellington in Bedfordshire is a stunning location that allows us to host educational programmes, development courses, inspirational residential retreats and special needs events to truly change the lives of young people. We also provide volunteers to support a teenaged disabled person and take them on trips such as the cinema, bowling or for a meal. Every penny raised makes a real difference.

Contributions don’t have to drain your bank account. We appreciate services as well as cash and we have lots volunteer opportunities available. You could also support our lottery from £1 per week or place a collecting box in your company. Small things make a big difference.

Getting involved with ReachOut Plus is a great business strategy. We even have our own business club.  As you get to know us and work with us to help improve the lives of disabled and disadvantaged people you will find you make new friends, new business contacts, gain new business and have fun too. Why not take part in a jailbreak, do the London Santa Dash on 4 Dec or take part in one of our many events. Let your customers know you care about others in your community.