Sejual Shah

The Power of EFT

I was recently asked to write a testimonial for Sejual Shah, a stress resolution specialist, to include on the guest book of her website.  After doing so, I realised it would actually make quite a good blog post, so I hope you find the following either useful, informative or both!

Fear of Presenting

I am not embarrassed to say that my corporate career was largely defined by my inability and lack of desire to participate in public speaking and presenting.  Seated at a table of 50 I would have no issues, but ask me to stand in front of 2 and, in the past, I would have needed oxygen support!  Of course I’ve been on all of the traditional presentation courses, but sadly to no avail!

I now work for myself as a marketing consultant and very quickly recognised the value of networking and therefore wished to actively participate in the meetings as much as I could in order to promote both myself and my business.  I was also given opportunity to present at a training workshop on social media with Dot Future, previously a task which would have filled me with complete fear and dread and I would probably have declined!

Emotional Freedom

I met Sejual at one of the Viva Networking meetings in Berkhamsted and very much warmed to her personality and what she had to say about EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).  It was an easy decision to make an appointment and I am still astonished that it only took 2 sessions with Sejual for her to ‘cure’ me of my fears.  As a result I have been able to seek out further opportunities for presentations and talks and find I thoroughly enjoy the experience, and I believe it’s also helped with my overall self-confidence too.  I have no hesitation in recommending Sejual and EFT and would actively encourage anyone who suffers with any similar fears to go and see her.

For more information on Sejual and EFT, please visit her Healthy in Mind website.

For more information on the DotFuture workshops, please visit here; our next Social Media workshop will be held on Wednesday 6 April 2011.

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