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Which Channel will Deliver our Marketing Goals in 2022?

Our monthly marketing blogs are intended to offer advice and information to small to medium sized businesses. This latest blog explores some of the most popular tactics available, following a couple of previous articles on strategy and planning for 2022…

Marketing tactics 2022

In our previous blogs, Proactive Marketing and Marketing 2022, we covered marketing strategy. With your goals, objectives and target audience mapped out, this article looks at the marketing channels. Should you throw all of your budget into digital or is there value in including traditional channels in your marketing plan?

How has Smart Technology Impacted Marketing?

The majority of the population are constantly connected to the internet via their phones and other smart devices. More than half of all web traffic is mobile and this has resulted in digital marketing becoming mainstream.

Smart marketing has demanded a rethink of message and approach. For a start, voice-activated searches are different to typed search terms. We are more likely to ask questions when speaking into a device, so this approach has to be embraced when planning online optimisation.

How to Use Digital Marketing to Influence Purchasing Decisions

Even when in a physical store, consumers are more likely to check product comparisons, reviews and information on their smartphone, than speak to retail assistants. This does show the importance of a mobile-first or mobile-responsive website, with clear navigation and up-to-date information in attracting and converting leads.

Geographical Optimisation

According to Bright Local research, a third of daily mobile searches are for local business information. People want to find opening times, contact details, menus, customer reviews and current stock of the companies on their doorstep. Expect to achieve greater returns when your website content, SEO and paid advertising is geographically targeted.

Video Content

Another consideration is video. A report by Ericsson found video content to be the preferred means of absorbing information for 63% of mobile users. Technological advances including 4G performance, high-resolution imagery and larger screen sizes has made video content accessible. To make an impact on social media, embed fun, informative or emotive video in your content plan.

Is there a Place for Traditional Marketing Channels?

Before you direct all marketing activity towards social media and digital advertising, it is important to understand that these focus on quick wins. If you offer the best deal at that moment, then sales boom, but it is transient. One influencer raving about your competitor or another brand’s promotion will quickly turn heads in a different direction.

When it comes to longevity; building trusted relationships with customers and promoting your brand values, traditional marketing takes the lead.

Storytelling with PR and Content

Blogs and articles in magazines and other long-form content are vital for engaging an audience with storytelling. Incorporate opportunities to share the values that underpin your company into your marketing plan. Freely offer advice or offer case studies to show how your services have transformed customer outcomes.

Written content can also be the place to celebrate collaborations, promote commitments to Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) or community sponsorship or charity fundraising. These stories form a stronger bond with readers who hold similar values and this builds customer loyalty.

Does Email Marketing deliver a Return on Investment?

Data collated by Cybercrew states that 86% of UK marketers see email marketing as an extremely important element in their marketing strategy. With 82% of 32-44 year olds checking emails daily and an open rate of 18.39%, email is viewed as the most effective means of generating a return on investment. However, success is dependent on providing personalised and relevant content.

Fortunately, CRM software makes it easy to categorise and segment customers. Some messages may go out to customers living in a geographic area, such as an invitation to an event. Others sent to customers who booked a service this time last year. You might segment groups based on age or gender. The more analysis you do on your customer base, the more likely you will deliver a message of interest to their inbox.

Local Advertising Opportunities

To optimise budgets, focus on local marketing such as local radio, screens and displays in prominent positions and local publications. These help to make your brand familiar and recognisable. Also, allocate time to talk to customers and attend networking events. People still buy from people, so these connections are essential.

What’s the Recipe for Marketing Success?

Firstly, marketing is a must for every business in 2022. CIM Catalyst Magazine shared recently published research from the Ehrenberg Bass Institute of Marketing Science. It reports an average 16% decline in sales when marketing activity is greatly reduced or cut. This increases to 25% in the second year. After the upheaval of recent years, 2022 is the time to prioritise marketing.

Digital and social media marketing can be highly effective at brand building and extending your reach. They do influence purchasing decisions and can boost sales. However, we caution against focusing solely on this strategy. Long-term relationships, trust and loyalty are vital for business success, so we recommend combining digital with traditional marketing methods.

The exact marketing mix is dependent on your target audience and your business goals. Whichever blend you prefer, there is no need to manage it single-handedly. Alison Page Marketing offers an expert team, with specialists in email marketing, PR & magazine advertising, print media and social media. Our marketing support will put your plan into action and monitor the results.

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