10 Powerful Reasons for using Email Marketing

10 Powerful Reasons for using Email Marketing

10 Powerful Reasons for using Email Marketing

I’ve put together this list of 10 powerful reasons to help identify and clarify why email marketing should form part of your modern marketing mix.

I’m really passionate about raising awareness of my clients’ activities, and email marketing is a great way of doing that.  I love the whole process, from talking about their objectives and what’s going on in the business, to agreeing what areas we can promote and what their audience might like to hear, and then finally, the piece de resistance, writing and formatting the content.

I recommend Mailchimp for its ease of use, flexibility and great templates.

Now read on for my 10 powerful reasons for why you should be using email marketing for your business:

  • Delivered straight to your recipients’ inbox – for many of us our inbox is the first point of call both at our desks and on our phones – the challenge here is reputation and relevance to differentiate yourself.  You need both to optimise your open rates.
  • Cost effective – its cheap compared to mainstream marketing channels and allows us to reach a global audience in seconds – something which is often underestimated.  And because there are so many tools on the market – called ESP’s or Email Service Providers – you can manage the process internally without incurring additional design and print costs.
  • Relevant – its highly personalised, or rather can be, and highly segmented, dynamic ie, a sale on sports goods could be sent to those people with an interest in sports, or a regional offer sent only to those living in a certain area.  The more you know about your customers, the more you will boost your engagement rates and thereby ROI – return on investment.
  • Sales funnel – email can be used to deliver messages at all point of the customer lifecycle enabling us to attract, engage, nurture and retain.  Examples are a trial before purchase for customer acquisition and, for customer retention, expiry of contracts and significant personal events – such as special birthday offers.
  • Measureable – its highly measurable and allows us to assess its role in actions that a customer takes, and conversions from enquiries to sale.  Tracking open, click through and conversion rates makes it simple to spot how a campaign can be improved.
  • Testable – because of its immediacy, you can see results in minutes, the key is to respond and learn!
  • Timely – its very reactive for taking advantage of media and industry news, impulse buying and allows us to be both proactive and automatic upon given actions.
  • 24/7 – it fits into our ‘always on’ lifestyle from first thing in the morning to last thing at night and doesn’t sleep!
  • Multi-Channel – we can talk to our customers via various devices and mediums, again to fit within their lifestyle.
  • You Own It – and finally, you can use your data, collected from your own database and CRM systems (customer relationship management).

I hope this all makes sense and that you’re now convinced!  If you’re still in any doubt and would like to chat through your options, then do give me a call on tel: 07963 002065, or sign-up to receive details of my next ‘Email Marketing with Mailchimp’ training workshop this Autumn.

Update: You can book now for my new Email Marketing with Mailchimp workshop in November.