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How to Work with an Outsourced Team

Outsourcing your marketing activity is an option for SMEs, but how can you be sure of getting good results? We explore the benefits of working with an external marketing team and the value of collaboration…

Why Outsource Business Activities?

In a YouGov survey*, three-quarters of UK businesses had outsourced a service. Whilst IT companies were the most requested external provider, marketing support is a popular option. Outsourcing offers flexibility, access to expertise, insight and ideas. By bringing a professional on board, business challenges can be efficiently handled and desired outcomes achieved.

Outsourcing can be a cost-effective way of achieving your desired goals. An outsourcing strategy can offer greater flexibility enabling a multi-skilled workforce without headcount commitment. By considering the whole process, you can outsource several functions and create a framework of synergy that supports business growth.

Why Outsource Marketing?

For marketing, our specialist skills, knowledge and experience add value and a fresh perspective. Our collaborative approach results in a tailored marketing plan that best fits your needs and budget. We channel efforts in areas where insight tells us we’ll get the best results and we measure the impact.

You’ll benefit from flexible and cost-effective marketing expertise. It’s a weight off your shoulders and frees up your time to manage your business.

As an established marketing company, we work with SMEs across a wide range of industries. A common factor that drives them to use our services is that marketing isn’t their forte. Is it yours? If not, choosing the best way to promote your products and services can be a minefield.

As specialists, we understand the pros and cons of digital, print and the whole plethora of marketing options. By keeping pace with development, gathering insight and measuring outcomes, we are equipped to help evaluate the best options for achieving your marketing goals.

Our knowledge and experience mean we can hit the ground running, we are intuitive and use initiative to offer a service of value. You gain peace of mind that your marketing goals are being actioned with confidence and professionalism.

Outsourcing for Efficiency and Fresh Ideas

Another reason to outsource to a professional is efficiency. There is never enough time to manage all the demands of a business, so some things are best handed over. Outsourcing is working smarter, not harder. Focus on where your expertise lies, whilst someone takes responsibility for other aspects of the business.

Outsourcing can also be an effective way to get an objective perspective of your business. We often spot opportunities and present ideas that our clients had not considered.

Expanding In-house Capacity

In some instances, clients already have an in-house marketing team; however, they may want increased flexibility perhaps in a given specialism, or to expand their capacity for specific projects including product launches, seasonal campaigns, rebranding or company relocations.

Mentoring marketing trainees is also an option, so outsourcing can be a means of upskilling your team. Mentoring guides the individual in developing new competencies, ensuring they are confident in applying the learning. As such, it can be targeted to specific needs and outcomes and is more effective than attending a generic training course.

Alternatively, our services offer sabbatical or maternity cover; preventing internal teams from being stretched, so things continue to run smoothly in their absence. As such, we provide what is needed, when it’s needed.

How to Collaborate with an External Marketing Team

The way to achieve the best outcomes is through collaboration.

We have no set package or marketing formula, as our services are tailored to each client. No two businesses are the same, so a customised approach is essential. To offer that, we need your input.

The starting point is a discovery meeting. We arrive ready to understand your brand, your company values and your priorities. Our questions help us understand your target customer and what appeals to them about your products and services. For consistency and authenticity, we need to capture the brand voice. We’re also keen to know the direction your business is moving in and your future aspirations.

You may think this sounds like a time-consuming process. Would it be easier to just do it yourself? Or perhaps you don’t know the answers to these types of questions, in which case we can guide you through the process and develop a marketing and brand strategy.

Either way, be assured that once we have a good grasp of your business and have shared ideas, you’ll be able to hand the baton to us. We’ll create a plan of action and use our marketing expertise to execute it. Regular communication will keep you informed of progress and will keep us up to speed with the latest in-house developments.

This ongoing collaboration ensures marketing remains relevant to your business and your customers.

We provide a monthly report containing measurable key performance indicators. As a result, you can see the impact of the marketing activity. Our proactive approach means we’re always on the lookout for fresh opportunities. We’ll share those that tie into your marketing goals.

How to Prepare for a Meeting with an External Marketing Team

For the initial discovery discussions, it is helpful if you come prepared with the following:

  • Your business objectives for the year ahead
  • An outline of the products and services you offer
  • Information on your target client
  • An explanation of the route to market and sales process
  • Details of the values that underpin your business
  • How you are currently promoting your offer, including channels, frequency and outcomes
  • Information on the specialisms and strengths of the person currently undertaking marketing and internal resources (if any)
  • What you want to achieve; what a successful campaign would look like
  • A budget (which will help us recommend appropriate options)

Collectively, this information will shape our brief and determine our recommendations for a marketing strategy.

With any outsourced activity, always consider the wider implications; if the goal is lead generation, do you have the in-house capacity to handle an increase in enquiries? Are there resources to convert these leads into customers? If not, consider what gaps and/or training need to be filled to create synergy.

Start the conversation on outsourced marketing by contacting us: 07963 002065 or hello@alisonpagemarketing.co.uk.

* https://yougov.co.uk/topics/economy/articles-reports/2019/10/24/seven-ten-british-businesses-outsource-third-parti