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What to Expect from a Good Marketing Agency

If you’re considering utilising the services of an external marketing agency to help ensure your marketing activities are aligned with your business objectives in 2021, there are a number of things to consider. Not least because there are more than 25,000 marketing agencies in the UK. But what services do they offer and how do you select one that fits the bill

Bringing Customers to your Door

Marketing focuses on connecting with your ideal customers. If the message is consistently relevant and appealing, the customer’s curiosity will lead them to your door. You then need strategies in place to convert that interest into sales and ideally develop a loyal customer relationship.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Marketing

Good marketing is created with a specific audience in mind. It creates messages that resonate with those individuals and reflects the values and ambitions of the business. Timely and targeted, it is backed up by research, marketing insight and experience.

Bad marketing is a generic formula which focuses on quantity rather than quality. Too many businesses still aim for broad appeal, but this dilutes the impact of any message. With this approach, it actually takes more time, effort and money to reach the right customers.

Ugly marketing is that which puts a business in the spotlight for all of the wrong reasons. Bad promotion can provide incredible exposure, but it damages reputations and destroys trust. That is a difficult position to recover from.

Does my Business need a Marketing Agency?

Developing informed marketing strategies that speak to a defined audience is not something that every business has sufficient capacity and expertise to manage in-house. From micro-businesses to large corporations, many find it beneficial to outsource marketing to a specialist agency.

Working with a marketing agency frees up time (whether it be the business owner, Directors or Managers) to focus on the business itself and to develop quality goods and services, along with exceptional customer experiences. Outsourcing can also be more cost-effective than employing a marketing team.

From direct mail and magazine advertising to website design, social media campaigns and PR, most agencies will offer a mix of marketing services. Their team may include graphic designers who work on branding and print, copywriters who create content for websites and blogs, and PR specialists. They can draw on the right skills to provide the best marketing services for your business and budget.

You may need marketing services to assist with a short-term project, such as a product launch or seasonal peak. It could be an on-going agreement to help keep your brand message fresh and engaging throughout the year.

How do we Select the Best Marketing Agency?

Firstly, it is important to have a clear idea of your marketing brief. Here are a few points to consider:

  • Is the primary objective to build brand awareness, to attract new leads or to retain loyal customers?
  • Which products or services will be at the forefront of your marketing campaigns?
  • Who are the ideal customers that you want to engage with?
  • What would success look like?

With a brief in mind, speak with several different agencies – you need to find one that you feel you can trust. Is there a synergy between company values and do you feel that they really ‘get’ your business?

A good marketing agency will be curious. They will want to understand your brief, your business, your motivations and your customers. They will answer your questions and offer advice. Rather than presenting a standard package, they will discuss tailored solutions that fit with your objectives and proposed budget.

Whilst they may provide case studies and success stories, they will not believe that what worked for one brand will be the best marketing strategy for every other – no two businesses are alike.

Ask about their contracts; you want to avoid paying for services that you don’t want or being tied in for longer periods than necessary.

Make your decision when you find an agency that you trust and that offers the tailored marketing services to match your requirements.

A Collaborative Approach to Marketing

Whilst you may expect your chosen marketing agency to take your brief and run with it, the most successful marketing campaigns involve collaboration.

Regular communication will keep them informed. It helps them to promote messages that accurately reflect your business vision and tone. Consider inviting these outsourced workers to team meetings, so they are as up to date on developments as any employee.

Tring Marketing Specialists

Alison Page Marketing offers tailored marketing services for businesses across Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Our commitment to the companies we work for has gained us a reputation as a professional outsourcing solution.

Whether your business is looking for a marketing boost to kickstart the New Year or a full marketing strategy and implementation, we have the skills and expertise to assist. Call on 07963 002065 or email hello@alisonpagemarketing.co.uk if we can help your company in 2021.