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GREAT Low Cost Marketing Tips Part 1

Following on from my presentation at the Viva Mums UnLtd networking group earlier in June, entitled GREAT Low Cost Marketing Tips, I promised to put together a blog for those of you unable to attend.  Thanks for all the positive feedback from those who did, by the way!

My presentation covered the following and I’ll break the blog down into these sections too:

  • Planning
  • FREE Stuff
  • LOW COST Stuff
  • Next Steps

If you’re struggling to market your business, perhaps because you feel you have a limited budget or don’t know where to start, then I hope my simple tips will help!


Before you start… it would be remiss of me not to cover off a few basics before we start looking at the ‘what’:

  • Give yourself time – do set aside some time, as you would for your accounts for instance.
  • Be consistent – try not to dip in and out, be consistent both in your approach and the regularity of your activity.
  • Do reconsider your target audience – who is your target audience and what are their needs?  I have purposely used the word ‘reconsider’ as your audience could be different, in reality, to your aspirations or from when you started the business.
  • Identify your objectives – what are the objectives for your marketing activities?  The clearer you are on this point, the better able you will be to tailor your promotions and to measure the results.
  • Measure your results – I’m purposely repeating the point.  If you measure your results you’ll be able to see what’s working and either do more of the same or consider a new strategy.
  • Step outside your comfort zone – turn your negatives into positives.  If you’ve previously spent time saying ‘oh I couldn’t do that…’ then maybe its time to reconsider!

Plenty to think about here!  My next blog will look at the FREE Stuff