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Helpful Hints & Tips for the Small Business Owner 8

Do you have a little time on your hands between Christmas and the New Year?  The approach of ‘review, learn and refine’ can be applied to almost any practice, but especially at this time of year and in the current economic climate; use it to refocus your business activities for 2011.


Review what has happened in 2010 with, and to, your business and your business industry in 2010.  Look at the highs and lows, consider what has worked and what hasn’t, what has been the easiest ‘sell’, the hardest and the most profitable.


What can you learn from the information gleaned in your review?  What does it mean for your bottom line, to your customer base, your products and services going forward?


Take your learnings and refine your approach for 2011.  Obviously its not a one-off exercise and you will need to review again, perhaps mid-way through the year, perhaps monthly, but it’s a good way to commence the year and you will have a better understanding and respect for your business by doing so.

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