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How loyal are you?

In the main, we expect our customers and clients to be loyal to us and are generally somewhat surprised when they go elsewhere!  But how loyal are you to your customers?

02 regularly and actively promote exciting new offers to existing customers, but many companies constantly pursue new business.  Are you one of them?  Your existing customers are actually your best source of business, yet so often we spend the majority of our time, energy and budgets chasing new business.

Take a look at your database, who are your loyal customers?  If you havent seen or heard from some in a while, think what can you do for them rather than what they can do for you.  And whilst you’re at it, find out what they think of you.

As a separate exercise think of three brands that you love, and why, and apply the same ethos to your business and to what you do.

I hope you find this useful!