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How to Use Call Tracking to Measure & Optimise Your Inbound Efforts

Analytics software has come a long way over the past few years, and it’s now becoming increasingly easier to measure where responses to your marketing efforts are coming from. 

Google have their free analytics software, showing you where your website traffic has come from, what pages they visited and other user behaviour that is nothing short of valuable to the smart marketer.

For businesses that rely heavily on the telephone, however, there seems to be a massive black hole in terms of tracking and measuring.  The question here is: how do we measure the effectiveness of our marketing in generating a telephone response?  More obviously, how do we do it in an effective and affordable manner?

As I mentioned before, technology has come a long way and the ever-expanding analytic industry has adapted and taken advantage of this.  You can now use call tracking solutions, such as Mediahawk, to place unique telephone numbers on your traditional adverts, or put number sets on your website to discover where each visitor came from, the keyword they typed to find you and which pages they visited before they made the call.

The benefits of this are boundless, if done in the right way.  I want to share with you three incredibly effective ways you can optimise your marketing and operational effectiveness by using a system like this:

Cut the waste from your advertising budget

There are many businesses out there who invest in a plethora of different advertising efforts on a weekly or monthly basis, and many of those count on the phone to generate a response into their business.  But how do you know what’s working?  Which are pulling their weight in gold and which are generating a low response or even nothing at all?

By implementing a call tracking solution, you have the power to cut out the wasteful advertising that is sucking away at the lifeblood of your marketing budget.  More importantly, you can identify the efforts that are generating you a response and ramp those up through testing and optimisation.

Increase operation effectiveness

Some call tracking solutions, such as Mediahawk, come with outbound call recording features that allow you to listen in on how your sales staff are performing, what common issues customer service are dealing with and give you an overview of how your internal operations are going.  You can even listen in as the calls are actually happening thanks to call whisper technology.

This really gives you a better sense of how your staff is operating; making it easier to identify what the most commonly raised concerns and frequently asked questions from your customers are.  You can give staff personalised training and also pre-emptively manage objection handling by identifying patterns, which you can later include in your marketing materials.

Test & optimise your marketing

Testing and optimisation are two of the most important practices in marketing, next to response measurement.  Testing new marketing methods on a small scale to a segment of your list first can save you a great deal of money, and split-testing different variations of your adverts, websites and other marketing materials can help you increase the conversion of those efforts.

Let’s say you have a direct mail campaign that you run on a regular basis.  It’s doing quite well, but perhaps you feel it could do better.  By creating a new variation, where the headline, copy or perhaps the offer has been changed, you can increase response in a measurable way.  Just get two separate phone numbers, apply them to your mailings and away you go!

When you decide to use call tracking in your business, make sure you get a reliable product that is based on a tier 1 telecoms service to ensure your numbers are always operational.  These are just three simple ways that you can use call tracking in your business, but the benefits are aplenty.

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