3 Top Tips for Getting the Most out of Social Media for your Business

It’s easy to become immersed in liking, sharing posts on social media and to forget that your intention was to use it as a business tool, to promote your brand, products and services, and that the Holy Grail is customer engagement! Here’s just three simple and easy steps for you to implement straight away to maximise engagement on your social media platforms:

  1. If someone comments on your post (even if it’s a friend), ask them about their comment, clarify what they mean, how it makes them feel etc – obviously be sensitive and respectful, as appropriate for the topic! By engaging with your followers (which is after all what social media is all about) you will encourage others to ask questions and strike up a conversation online.
  2. If you’re sending out a link or an image, rather than just saying that you like it, introduce it or say why you like it. People will be much more likely to click on it and comment if you do.
  3. If someone likes a post but doesn’t make a comment, send them a message (not everyone will be aware of the ‘other’ inbox on say Facebook, but some will pick it up even if it takes a while!). This can be particularly effective if you’re running a promotion or offer, by highlighting it to individuals who have already expressed an interest in you. If you wish you can also incorporate a newsletter sign-up url (such as Mailchimp) to identify who’s picked up your message and to collect their email address.

In summary… engagement + develop relationship = builds trust + time + continuity = BUY!

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