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Helpful Hints & Tips for the Small Business Owner 3

Do you know the difference between your Push and your Pull?

Pull Marketing is the terminology that we use to differentiate social media from the more traditional forms of marketing which tend to have a ‘broadcast’ style.

Examples of  ‘push’ marketing include advertising, leaflet dropping, cold calling etc.  One is literally ‘pushing’ a message out there.  Given targeted profiling and targeted messaging, this form of marketing can still be effective, and can compliment your social media activity.  But consumers are becoming wary and, when it is not targeted, can regard the communication as spam.

Social media, therefore, looks to engage with your customers and encourage dialogue by demonstrating added value and building trust.  It is not a direct sales channel and should not be confused with PPC (pay per click campaigns) or Google Adwords.  Social Media empowers the customer to seek out which messages they wish to respond to and which companies they wish to interact with, so rather than ‘pushing’ out a message, one is ‘pulling’ them in.

I trust you will find this useful, please look out for my future hints and tips for small business owners.